overcoming wedding day anxiety

Overcoming Wedding Day Anxiety

Who ever try to Overcoming Wedding Day Anxiety?Everybody seems will face this matter especially the couple who are going to have this occasion. It is a very special moment for one life. Some of people are having anxiety disturbance. Fear and panic thread come attack in sudden. Under this condition, wedding day becomes a day of fear. Sufferers may be afraid of how he/she looks when having the wedding, how will be the occasion, how about the car, the guess, the food etc. We can be scared of anything or even all single part that related to the wedding day.

Make the Planning

Overcoming Wedding Day Anxiety isn’t just taking a deep breath for a minute. This method will not calm down the anxiety. It is more essential to make the good planning of the wedding day. In the first very step, you will need to find the best day for wedding. Try to pick the day that is enough for you to prepare for the wedding. Don’t pick up the day that is very close like 1 – 2 week starting from the preparation date. But, if you make simple wedding, that will be fine.  It is recommended to find Saturday or Sunday for the wedding day, because people will have free time to attain the wedding occasion in this day.  So, prevent the normal working day.

Herewith the other important essential matter to prepare:

1.      Guest

Make sure how many Guess will be invited to your wedding day.  You may start list the guess from your family until the friends. Separate the list for the main guess and out from the main guess. The main guess should be our relatives and other important person like VIP (person from government or our business partner).

2.      Invitation

After finding how many guess will be invited, make the Invitation card. Make a good invitation using card. An invitation like using email or any social media will be seen not polite enough.  A well design invitation card will make a good respect for the wedding day. People will feel they must come to the wedding day. Don’t forget to deliver the invitation, plan it!

3.      Person In charge

Make list of person who is incharge for wedding occasion. This includes the priest, master of ceremony, head of chef, head of the night wedding reception act. This will make us easy to manage all our wedding. This will much help in Overcoming Wedding Day Anxiety.

4.      Prepare the Wedding places

Find the wedding places that suit to our needs. The amount of the guess should be considered to the wedding places.  There are 2 wedding places that we should prepare. First the church or place of the spiritual where holy moment of couples. Second, decide the right place for the wedding reception. Wedding place for night reception should a place that can take our entire guess. Make sure it has good ventilation, air conditioning.

5.      Prepare for the food

Make sure you have plenty food, decide best suitable menu for your guess.

6.      Entertainment

Add some little entertainment on night wedding reception. Some dance or singing will light up the day. Sometimes, a wedding couple can make dance to entertain the guess also, this is will bring cheerful moment.


Mental Preparation

Overcoming Wedding Day Anxiety, isn’t just preparing the occasion. Take a relaxs for this wedding. Be happy of it. Some may find hard to do this.  Try not taking too much focus of these wedding things. Try to think other happy moment that can happen on the wedding occasion. Such as, how happy when the priest bless us, many friends will congrats us, many nice guess will come etc. Think that happy moment will come. Everybody will feel a cheerful day. This will ease the panic of us.


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